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Welcome! My names Bianca but you can call me Bee. I am an English & Cultural Studies BA graduate from McMaster University. Here on my blog you'll find a compilation of poems, short stories, and snippet of thoughts.


You may be someone I know, a loved one, or a complete stranger and thinking "why the heck did you start a blog?"

Well someone once told me I had an interesting perspective on life and have lived experiences way beyond my years. So I took that and made this blog, to share these moments with people who experience similar struggles or triumphs in this trivial life we all face. 

After I graduated University I had no idea what I was going to do with my degree, use it to start a fire? Sell it to someone and make back my tuition? Maybe frame it and stare at it like the Mona Lisa? Then I found purpose. My mother, my best friend, my biggest fan, passed away and I gained this instinct to heal others through my story and outlook on life. I developed this perspective that trauma wears a mask of beauty and I truly believe we become the best versions of ourselves after hardship. So, I wrote a book, which was not intentional, I went out on a whim. The response from friends, family, and even strangers was overwhelming, I realized my words had an impact on the world around me.

So here we are, a recent graduate and a full time essential worker, but my passion for writing has always grounded me back to what I love.


All of these messages I share with you are meant to guide and aid your journey as you navigate life. I hope you find peace in the messages I share with you.

Welcome to the Bee Hive xo

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