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The power of a good novel is under rated. Word play has a tremendous impact on how we perceive the world, how to form our opinions, and what becomes our reality. Whether your choice is a whirling plot of wands and potions or a whimsical story of forbidden love it masks the world that unfolds in front of you. 


Your mind is like a blank slate, what you choose to fill it with will only enhance your life. Sometimes we chose a story line that is very similar to our life, a teenage girl who doesn’t fit in, who’s a freak in high school and feels isolated. Or sometimes we choose the novel we wish our life was like, the young love that ends in the white colonial style house with blue shutters. Whatever your taste it let it open your mind to new ideas. 


So, here is Bees Book Nook. A community library where passerbyers come to choose their fate. Will it be a fantasy? A romance? Or maybe a colouring book, the options are endless. 

What’s A Little Free Library? 


Little Free Library is a non-for-profit community set up to bring book lovers together. Basically, take a book leave a book is the motto. Free of charge, all for the love of reading. 

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