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The journey begins on November 11, 2019, the day my mom passed away and stretches over 365 days to November 11, 2020. With each page comes a new poem— a new day. Marking a moment in time that I felt something surreal: whether it was a connection to my mother, a spiral of traumatic loss, or a surge of appreciation. My intentions when I wrote each poem was to release, free my mind of built up emotions and thoughts. I did not intend to share my raw emotional thoughts with the world, I was merely grieving through creativity. But I took a step back and looked at my compilation of poems and saw messages of healing and hope that could aid others in their own journeys of healing and grieving. 

Eleven:Eleven is a rebirth story where I find myself stronger after one of life worst traumas. Join me in navigating these uneven roads ahead.


Lovely Emotional Tribute

Image by Andisheh A


a memorial

Written by Bianca Coleman

Mara Burstyn

This is the rebirth after grief

Bianca bravely shared her journey through loss…The work is full of imagery and reads as a short story as the poems flow together quite easily. The books title and first poem, Eleven:Eleven, is fresh and painful with images of conflict and strain bought to life through her words. The poems are so detailed, I felt as though I was there when they were written. The work moves through the motions of grief and you feel Bianca treading water, hardly able to stay afloat and breathe and then she gains the strength to keep swimming. Connection through words is a gift and Bianca captures this easily…. running head first and staring your grief in the face produces great work when you allow it to form just like this. It was an honour to read.


Amazon Review 


Lovingly Emotional Tribute

Have read the book a few times and each time it has evoked tremendous cathartic therapeutic emotions. Lovely tribute of a daughter's love for a mother she lost.

Amazon Review

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