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A Mother's Prayer


I have but one prayer to say,

From a mother to her children on this special day,

I know it’s too much to comprehend,

But I loved you until the very end.

The day I had to leave you,

When my life on earth was through,

You all waited for a breakthrough,

But it was the end, you already knew.

I’ve given you many lessons,

You know what to do.

You’re on the right track when you see an eleven,

Just follow your heart through.

I see life has been changing for you,

Ive watched every move.

You think of me often,

The times before the coffin.

So when another anniversary has come and gone,

Use each other to lean on,

Remember me fondly, always with glee

The road ahead will be windy but never misled.

Its going to hurt for sometime,

A rat race in your own mind,

You won’t walk this life blind,

I’m always one step behind.

I received your calls, I see your texts

Look a little closer, yours might be next

I leave clues for you to see,

In plain view, no need to sightsee.

Tomorrow is a new day,

It is no longer my birthday,

I’m at peace child,

It’s time we reconcile.

You mustn’t hold this grief,

Or think about things unsaid.

My prayer for you is simple,

I am with you until the end.

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