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Bearer of Bad News

March 30, 2022

You sat me down and told me the news

Said your brain is ill, but you'll be okay soon.

I was too young to understand this could be the end,

You pushed me away, never made amends.

I still remember the day, a Wednesday afternoon.

Mark your calendars for November 6th,

The day we'd see you soon.

I sit and stew, thinking about her

The life she lived and the person we once knew.

Lost in this life with no roadmap without you

But, I think she'd want you to:

Live through your hearts desire,

Love like hearts don't break,

Look ahead and don't turn back,

As if she'd make it to see another day.

They said everything happens for a reason,

But give me a reason to bring her back.

All I remember is the bearer of bad news,

Now I always feel the mid-day blues.

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