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Helping Hand

Life had escaped me,

No way to know how deep I'll flow.

It all turned black,

To sleep I must go.

You came to me in a dream

And told me I was brave.

Though you know I need help,

You leave me astray.

Like a ship sent in the ocean

There's a long journey ahead.

We aspire for arrival,

But left with much dread.

Blinds now closed,

No room for you to glow.

You attempt to break through,

Only for I to eschew.

You visit my mind often,

Keeping my memories at bay.

Are you sending me messages,

Or sticking around to play?

I don't need a special day,

To bring you to mind.

Most often you come only to realign.

Blinds open,

You come to me now

Reminding me to fight,

I run headfirst and begin to take flight.

You shine through my window,

Reaching out your helping hand.

You draw me in near,

Only to remind me there is nothing to fear.

Your like honey in my veins,

Sticking to everything I touch.

I carry the weight of us all,

Like a badge of honour I entrust.

A bittersweet reflection

Of the woman I once knew.

I know I'm much different now,

Traded the old for the new.

Your helping hand has guided me,

To a life I ensue.

I implore your approval,

Please don't be a shrew.

I am told you'd be proud of the person I have become,

But you can never exude excite,

At least not without a good fight.

* Shrew: reference to the taming of the shrew.

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