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If You Could See Me Now


It was November 11th when they took you away,

I sat there in disbelief, all I did was pray,

I try to stay calm but the truth is you’re gone,

And you’ll never get to see the challenges I take on.

There are days where I’m losing my faith,

Met so many people that will never know your face.

I find someone like you and it takes away the pain.

For a moment it feels like old times.

I see you everywhere I look,

Since the day you were took.

But the truth is your gone,

You’ll never see the success we take on

If you ever came back would you recognize me?

Would you grasp me in your arms or would you criticize me?

Would you pick up from where we left off?

Look Ma, I’m well off.

When I see my face in the mirror,

We look so alike it makes me shiver.

You’ve become a memory in my mind,

Give anything to say goodbye.

Its been two years but I can see you clear as day,

I still look for your face in the crowd,

I hope you’re up there with God looking down,

Hand and hand saying “you make me proud”

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