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December 27th 2022

Today I lost a dear friend of mine. Somebody that meant so much to me in such a vulnerable time in my life. He taught me what it’s like to be thought of and cared for, taught me that family is the utmost important thing in life, and that life needs to be slowed down and appreciated every second of the day. I lived fast and hard, he was a slow intense burn.

Greg was someone I met on the first day of police college in Aylmer. He had a kind smile and carried a thoughtful conversation as we were engulfed in a sea of faces we both had never met before. Two foolish naive adults about to embark on one of life's most rewarding journeys and sacrificial roles. He was a kind man with a courageous playful soul. A man with a soul way beyond his times and a heart that poured out for anyone he cared about.

November 12 2021 - in a year that I struggle so much over the loss of my mother we went to a hiking spot. Crawford lake, I remember this like it was yesterday. It was a special place he’d go to clear his head and detach from the world when he lived in Oakville. The conversations that were shared that day surrounded the concerns about the role of being a Police Officer and the sacrifices that would be made as you protect the community you serve and the people we care about. There was nothing more he wanted in life but to be a Police Officer, his heart was lit on fire every single day at OPC.

Greg will always hold a special place in my heart. Here’s a quick poem in memory of the loving man and outstanding officer we lost on December 27th 2022.

Rest in Peace


End of Watch

December 27th 2022

Every officer spirals in denial,

As we mourn another line of duty death,

We close our eyes in disbelief

Imagine a new reality before the grief.

Twenty-eight years was too soon,

1440hrs we were alerted by your platoon,

Badge 1-6-0-2-8 for his final 10-8.

An angel has reach the gate.

Your brothers and sisters bled blue,

We were sworn in, we took an oath,

We stand together in darkness and in light,

Hand in hand we walk this thin blue line.

To honour, serve, and protect,

Brave enough to answer the call,

Boots on the ground above all.

We hope you heard us,

Lights flashing, cars dashing, sirens crashing.

The world knows your name,

And we know who is to blame.

Hero in life, not in death

It cuts like a knife, take a deep breath.

Caring like no other,

We have your back from here brother.

Glowing personality, robbed by criminality.

Touched the lives of every person you met,

A man of many masks, soaring is your final task.

Jujitsu was your fire, wrestling was your desire.

Policing was the goal, always loved with your whole soul.

Wandered into the abyss, constellations gave you bliss.

Watch closely and he will guide you,

As your chapter closes, your name will be drawn.

We salute as you drive by, look at the legacy you pass on.

Nothing left to fix, we will have your six.

We may not see the big picture clearly,

But, we will celebrate you yearly.

It is your end of watch,

We know it was foul play,

December twenty-seventh will always be your day.

xox love, bee

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