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Patient Love


The love we share is patient,

Slow kisses on a Sunday,

And Sunrise conversations.

Your eyes lock on mine,

Gazing with compassion.

Lips gently caress my skin,

Mind wanders as I search for what to say.

Patient love with tired eyes,

Bandage together these wounds, learning how to fly.

Tearing down the walls, making this place a home.

Changing the narrative, creating a love innocent and true.

Our eyes well with tears of gratitude.

Guarded hearts become unarmed,

Learning to love ourselves as one.

Your love entangles me,

Like the first sip of coffee in the morning,

Bringing life to my soul.

Your touch is precise,

Pulling on my heart like strings on a guitar.

Your voice is like music,

Fuelling my ears with sweet melodies.

Travelling to a place I’ve never known,

Taking me as I am, nothing more.

Piecing together this puzzle we call life,

Dancing to the rhythm of our light.

Everyday starts and ends with you.

Our love is as patient as the moon,

Waiting for the sun to kiss the horizon,

This love was a breakthrough.

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