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Resolutions are Garbage

I don't believe in resolutions.

I believe in alterations.

New Year Resolutions are these make-believe goals we tell ourselves we're going to achieve. It's happen to me one too many times, I'm at a New Years party and a friend asked me what my resolution is going into the new year, I scramble trying to make something up in my head. I'm going to give up excuses, what does that even mean? I'm going to get to the gym everyday, thats a bit excessive... These 'resolutions' we set forth for ourselves are typically not accomplished— it's a blanket statement.

I believe in alterations. Small actions that you can change about your habits that lead to a more fulfilled life.

So if I told you "I'm going to workout more" as my resolution would you believe me? Or would you believe me more if I said "I'm going to focus on myself by eliminating unhealthy habits and promoting self love: through exercise, feng shui, and writing.

Resolutions become these fragments of speech we throw around in January but never see through to December. Whereas, alterations isn't about cold turkeying bad habits, they alter them and prioritize healthy habits.

If I deiced to focus on better myself I might try to get up earlier,

Now that I have more time because I didn't sleep in I can dedicate 1hour to exercising,

And now that I am feeling energized I can clean my room,

Now that my rooms clean I can sleep soundly.

See how that works? It is a full circle, it's taking actions we do everyday, sleep, eat, move, and altering them to be healthy habits.

Here is my 2021 alterations:

I told myself to focus on manifesting my own happiness.

I created a routine, because timing gives me ease— I stick to it each week.

I get myself 7hours of sleep a day.

I dedicate 1 day a week to running and 3 others to exercise.

I prioritize my urge for creativity, when I feel a story I write it.

And I smudge my house once a week to cleanse and welcome the new week.

Each one of these alterations released a surge of endorphins to promote happiness. Each one of these is a conscious action too manifest deep happiness.

Because of these alterations, positive milestones have been reached.

  1. I create this website to showcase my creativity

  2. I ran a 10km, a distance I would never fathomed I'd reach

  3. My mental state has began to soar— pulling myself out of deep ruts

These alterations provided me purpose, small actions that proved importance to me that allowed me to reach new heights. Where resolutions are deadness, no plan follows. If I told myself on January 1st that I was going to be 'happier' in 2021 I would be telling myself to be happy when I was sad, versus promoting happiness by changing habits so that there was no room for sadness to creep in.

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