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Rhythm from Within

April 4th 2022

Playing you soothes my soul,

Like a Sunday morning sunrise.

Your music bellows,

Reminding me I am alive.

Emotions taking me back,

Remembering who I once knew.

I was young, I was brave,

Before my world turned blue.

The tide pulls me under,

Throwing me in the undertow.

Seconds feel like hours,

In this panic we call life.

I pull myself out,

Bringing breathe to an ease.

Ground myself to this world,

Do I fight, flight, or freeze?

My bod takes your shape,

Your strap around my back.

Fingers pressing on your strings,

As I think about ending things.

Music replaces thought,

When words become bleak.

These chords tell a story,

As I'm stuck in this purgatory.

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