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Somebody I Used to Know

March 27th 2022

You were a flower in my garden

Withstanding every storm in sight,

Standing firm through each season,

But I left you out in the cold at night.

Most days you begged for care,

And I walked by unfazed.

You have to understand I was unwell,

No time for the commonweal.

I plucked you from my garden

And sent you away.

I search for you on this spring day,

Thinking maybe you'll come by in May.

You're building your new garden

While I repair the hole you once lay,

No one expected the decay,

Now it is all hearsay.

I hope you're growing new roots,

Feeling the sun I couldn't provide.

You're garden will be full,

Blooming in the life I tried.

I assure you I'm the same Bee,

Just in a new hive.

You no longer follow my seasons,

But you have your reasons.

I notice now you taught me to grow,

Maker of the garden,

My wishes for you have not harden,

Simply somebody I used to know.

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