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The Daughter you Always Had

You were a god in my eyes

Above the clouds, above the skies.

The creator of all that’s good,

A mastermind misunderstood.

You took me on adventures each day,

Showed me the sunshine in the rain .

Said she couldn’t wait for future days,

But those days never came.

I was the daughter you always had ,

Tugging on your heart while you were sad.

Became the women you always dreamt,

I received the messages you sent.

Don’t cry,

Keep your head up high,

She would want you to

She would want you to.

She set on in the car alone,

Fighting a battle in the unknown.

Don't you know I miss her too,

I miss her just as much as you.

From my heart to your ears,

As you end what she begun

Draw patience by her side

With roses red come yellow bright 🌻

I was too young to understand

The demons you fought in the end,

Flowers were enclosed in your hand

Nothing left but to ascend.


Happy Mothers Day to my angel above

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