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The Image of You


Lament flourishes,

I see me in you.

I've been accused of expunging,

Replacing pieces with new.

I dyed my hair brown,

But it wasn’t a refute.

I was merely drown,

In the presence of your attribute.

Forgive me for their accusations,

They are untrue.

I hold only aspirations,

To be the woman I once knew.

I promise to carry forth your legacy,

And prove you proud each day.

Only compare close to you zestfully,

Although immensely alike you others may say.

You held an arsenal of characteristics,


A true mastermind,


Continually repairing.

You put other moms to shame,

Family before all else you use to say.

Sometimes you were to blame,

But we took it day by day.

A fight here,

A hug there,

It’s all a blur now.

You were struggling,

But made no peep.

You truly kept chuckling,

And now you count your sheep.

Nearing the end he made his call,

He summoned his angel,

But we weren’t ready to lose our doll.

Rest now,

We will meet soon,

Until then just know that I love you.

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