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The Scream A Narrative


Welcome back to my page! This is a free writing piece I was assigned in University, our goal was to create a short narrative based on the The Scream by Edvard Munch. Still considering if I should make it a bit longer... let me know what you think!

Edvard Munch's The Scream A Narrative

It is an everyday reaction really, maybe I was exaggerating a bit, but we’ve all been caught off guard before right? It was a regular Tuesday night when I was walking down the Santa Monica Pier observing the picturesque carnation sky kiss the ocean blue surface. Then I had an internal thought, had I left the oven on when I left home? Was it too late, is everything burnt to a crisp? My mind galloped into a spiral, thinking about my dog who’s at home, my newly renovated kitchen I drained my bank account for, and the tasty lasagna that I took out of the oven hours prior. Retracing my steps I imagine, the beeping of the oven calling me to remove the lasagna, pulling out my dinner, placing it on the counter and letting it cool, then I—, I? “DIDN’T TURN IT OFF!” That was the moment my mouth dropped open to my shoulders and my hands became glued to my face, pure anxiety rushing through my body as I’m stuck in pure shock. I conjure my mind to think straight as I sprint home to my easy bake oven of a house. I turn the corner and don’t see my house, did I make the wrong turn? Where's my white colonial with the green shutters? That thought lingered in my mind as two men in white jumpsuits tackled me, what’s going on? “You kook you always come to the same place don’t you?” said the one male with a stern attitude. I find myself in a white room with a matching white jumpsuit, where am I?

As a voice calls from above, “Joe you're back in your room after you escaped our facility,” said the voice.

“But where am I?” Joe says confused.

“Your therapist will be in shortly,” the voice responded.

Just then Joe is reminded about the fire that occurred in his house 2 years prior, the tipping point to his inevitable fate locked in an insane asylum where he continues to escape and relive that day vividly.

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