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Wandering Head


There's no secrets here, you're feelings are clear,

Wearing a heart of gold, while mine a stronghold.

Dreams in my wandering head,

Sending me to the deep end,

But my love for you is true.

Never misled.

I know I let you down,

Please, don't frown.

My issues are taboo

Soon I will pull through.

Your love is like the sun,

Light the path, show me the way.

Promised not to run,

Even when I led astray.

Your eyes put me in a trance,

Release me from the past.

Send me back to our first dance,

The evening flew past.

Your touch is like magic, and I'm an addict.

You're all I need, bleed when you leave.

Afraid of my mind, but it will align.

This chapter is new, it includes you.

I will rediscover, and you will be my lover.

A journey askew, I am a shrew.

Soon it will be two, a new debut.

You pull me near, reminding me you fear

Told me to wait, rely on fate.

I love you, that's the last thing you said.

A kiss on my head, and off I fled.

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