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Whispering Pines


Pack the car, were on our way

Headed to my secret hideaway.

A place you go to reclaim,

Where the pines whisper your name.

Stars shine as they begin to align,

Display the path amongst the pine,

Constellations point their aim,

Telling me we are one in the same.

With a gust of wind comes a swell

Rocking these unchartered waters,

Stand too close, you might lose,

Do not slip on this noose.

Lost in these whispering pines,

I listen to the wind, as it rushes by.

I'm stuck in these confines,

Until I see my dragonfly.

Reminding me I'm born for more,

Above the clouds, made to explore.

Gather near, its about to begin.

The crackles free these shackles,

Becoming someone I already knew.

I've been losing track of time,

Stuck in a paradigm.

My roadmap was always near,

Open water made it clear.

Many lessons learnt from these pines,

Close your eyes, you just might hear.

They summon me by name,

Calling me home to the bay.

* A literary play on Northern Pines and the chatter (whisper) of life. Sometimes the words of others and the noise in our head drives us to the edge. But places and space reassure us and bring us back "home". *

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